3 Mistakes MINISTRIES Make When Promoting Online

Hi, I’m Sharvette Mitchell with Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching. This video (see below) is about mistakes I see ministries making when it comes to promoting online.

Your Members are your marketing team, are you using them?
1. Oftentimes when promoting online, ministries don’t think about their members really as their marketing team. They are your marketers. They are your supporters, so equip them with flyers and online flyers. Equip them with a great website that they can share service times and upcoming events. You want to equip your members so that they can turn around and advertise and market, and promote your ministry. Yes, and all advertising and marketing is sharing good information, sharing information that will draw people to your ministry.

Ministries have a lot of great content but are not using it.
2. The second mistake I see is that ministries do not use some of the great content they already have. You know what? For years, churches have been recording their services by audio. For years, churches have been recording services by video, and what happens is that information doesn’t get transferred online. Listen, there’s some ministries that have enough content to do a whiz bang podcast and web episode or web segments! They just need to take some of the sermons, take snippets of the sermons and put it in a podcast, or on YouTube so that then you can share that information on your website. Also, your members can share it through social media and send links to friends by way of email. I think it’s a little bit of a miss if your ministry does not use this great content.

Ministries don’t have a website.
3) Third mistake I see ministries making is that they don’t have a website. I understand that a lot of churches may be very historical and may have an older population and so the congregation might not see the value in having a website. Quite honestly and quite frankly, you have to have a website for your ministry. This is a key factor in how people are locating churches to attend nowadays. You have people that move in from out of town, and they’re looking on the web for a church. You have people that are recommending churches to people, and oftentimes they’ll go to the web and try to find out a little bit about your ministry before they grace your doors. The web, and having a website, is a passive way for someone, a potential member, to get a feel for your service and for you. Solve this mistake and get a website!

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