Sharvette is a Social Media Coach and conducts personal & group coaching and seminars on using social media sites and online marketing tools to accelerate your brand. 

“So how did you get into social media coaching and why the corvette?” Glad you asked!  As I have worked with web design clients over the years, the first question I received once completing their website project was…”How do I get people to visit my website”.  Of course we want people to find us by Google or Yahoo search engines but the power of social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can not be denied as a website traffic generator. My response to their question was ALWAYS about their visibility and use of social media. I found that many clients and people in general recognize the power of social media but just felt un-equipped, un-clear or overwhelmed by trying to use it to promote their product, business or service thus I found myself coaching clients on Social Media!

Now about the Corvette… I received an inbox  on Facebook one day from a dynamic lady, DaRhonda Williams, who is a coach, speaker and business consultant. We ended up chatting on the phone and she gave me so really valuable feedback about MY presence online and other branding advice. She said something to the effect of… ” I can see you using something like Coaching With Vette”. Well that resonated with me for two reasons. 1) My close family and close friends, call me “Vette” as a nick name. Coaching is a very up close and personal thing so that connected right away. 2) Many moons ago in my customer service career, customers would ask for my name but found it challenging to pronounce or remember so I began saying ” Sharvette like a Corvette”. EVERY TIME I used that phrase, the person got it! With my coaching services, I really want my clients to “get it”!

Social Media Coaching With Sharvette Mitchell








Branding is largely about visibility and consistency. – In order to have brand awareness so that people form some opinion about you and your business, you must be in front of them! Use Social Media, eMail Marketing and etc. on a consistent basis. Show up where your ideal clients hang out online and offline. Whatever you do, be consistent because your brand depends on it… ‪#‎Branding‬ ‪#‎CoachingWithVette‬ – @Sharvette


One of the main foundations to your Brand and your “presence” on social media and the web is related to your PICTURES. This may be a surprise to some but let me give you the inside scoop… many people base their opinion of your BRAND and what you can offer simply & solely on the image that is presented to them. I recommend that you invest in professional pictures so that they support your BRAND and not hinder it. ‪#‎Branding‬ ‪#‎SocialMedia‬ ‪#‎CoachingWithVette‬ @Sharvette


Be careful what you support, it impacts your BRAND – Whenever I am asked to support a business venture, sponsor an event or partner up on something, I always ask myself… “Do I want to attach my BRAND to THIS”? Always keep in mind the things you support, whether on social media or off, get attached to your BRAND. Your support implies that you endorse that event, project or whatever and what their BRAND represents. ‪#‎Branding‬ ‪#‎CoachingWithVette‬ @Sharvette