I know you may have a lot of questions about the web design process. I have answered a few of the top questions I receive!
  • How does the process start?

    Mitchell Productions, LLC will create a few web design samples based on your colors or logo and provide them to you by email for review. We will work together to get to a final design.

  • How much does a website cost?

    The price for your web design fee is based on the number of pages & features in your new website. For example, a 6 page website will cost $1,200 for the web design fee. You will also have a $12 to $25 monthly fee for your web hosting account and an annual fee of $15 for your domain name. We can work together based on your service, product or organization and what you need in your website. Visit the “Website Pricing” page for our full price list. * If you have products to sell, online stores are extra due to the complexity.

  • When do I pay for the web design fee?

    The web design fee is due in full once the client has selected a web design sample that meets their need.

  • When do I pay for the web hosting & domain name?

    The web hosting account and  yearly domain name fee must be paid prior to the start of the web design process.

  • How long does it take to create the new web site?

    Your new website will be up and running within 15 business days of Mitchell Productions, LLC receiving all of your final website content (ex. Price list, list of services, BIO, contact information etc). If you need your website completed sooner, we have a fast track option for an additional fee!

  • Will I be able to update my own website?

    Depending on the website  design solution we select for you and your comfort with computers, you will be able to make simple changes ( i.e. adding a new blog post). The more dynamic your website ( i.e. WordPress options), the more technical it is to update. I do have design options that come with a great web based tool (i.e SquareSpace) that allows you to edit your own website. It does not require a software download or coding skills. If updating your own site is a key factor, please let me know!

  • How do we keep the site updated?

    Mitchell Productions,LLC provides ad hoc,  monthly  or quarterly updates for an additional fee. The update fee is based on the amount of updates requested. You also have the option of obtaining training to update your own site.

  • Can I add more pages later?

    Absolutely! You may add more pages as time goes on or as you have new information to share about your clients or organization. Simply send me a message describing what you want on the new page(s) and I will provide a quote for the update fee.

  • Does the website come with a logo?

    No, the web design fee does not include the creation & design of a logo. If the client already has a logo, we can include it on your new website. If the client does not have a logo and would like one, we can refer recommended graphic artists that specialize in logo design.

  • Is Mitchell Productions, LLC also the web hosting company?

    No, web hosting services require a separate agreement with the preferred web hosting company, Host Gator, Blue Host, SquareSpace or  Netidnow.com. The client agrees to pay the web hosting service provider according to their payment options and services. If the client selects a WordPress design option, there are various hosting options to select.

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