How do I  get email addresses from people that visit my website? Check out this quick podcast ( less than 3 minutes) with my answer to this question!

Hi, everyone. This is Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching, where we help you build something amazing. This segment is another Ask Sharvette. Let’s see what came in today. All right. “Sharvette, for people that visit my website, how do I get their email addresses?” I’m really, really glad that question came in because some people think that there is some magic potion, some secret software, some expensive system that you can buy that will take someone’s email address and give it to you every time they visit your website. That doesn’t exist. You must get people’s permission to have their email address.

You can do one of two things. You can just ask for it. On your website, you should have a place that has where they can give you their email and they get into your email list. The other strategy is that you can entice them by offering something free. For instance, on my website, if you got to, I have a free four-part video course, totally free, all you have to do is give me your email address. That entices the visitor to give me their email address. You could do the same thing. Maybe it’s 10 free tips. Maybe it’s some type of free course. Maybe it’s some type of free information that they would be interested in. Offer that for free, and in exchange they pay, basically, with their email address.

You should definitely have an option on your website where people can leave their emails because there’s no magic potion, there’s no secret software that you can buy that will automatically give you the email addresses of anyone that visits your site. If someone tells you that they have that, I think I got a bridge in New York I can sell you too. All right. You want to find out more about me? Jump over to, #yourwebdesigner.

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