Are you making these 5 Stupid Sales Mistakes? by Victoria Fleming

Every day I meet people who are making Stupid Sales Mistakes.
Stupid because there are super simple solutions to where things are going wrong. Stupid because they are jeopardising the success of their business. Stupid because when you get right down it, they actually know they are making them.
Are you?  If you are I bet you know.  And I bet you will recognise your Stupid Sales Mistake from this list!
  1. You don’t qualify. So you spend time chasing opportunities that were never really opportunities.
  2. You premature pitch – so busy talking about your own business and telling people to ‘buy my stuff’ that you don’t listen to what people are telling you and become the dreaded ‘sales person’ at networking events.
  3. You are hedgy about money – you never give a clear answer on what your product or service costs.
  4. You ‘diss’ the competition – sure that bad mouthing them with detailed examples of their failings will win a prospect over.
  5. You don’t follow up effectively – one call (or worse – an email!) and you’re out!

Sound familiar?
The great news is that if any of these sound like something you do, they are really simple to fix!

  1. Qualify! Ask great questions.. and gain agreement on if you both think there is an opportunity worth discussing.
  2. Don’t pitch – have a real life human conversation in which you are interested in the other person and their business.
  3. Be clear about money – and if there is a good reason you can’t answer a question about price then explain why – and could you give an indication?  A price range, or an example of what some similar work has cost?
  4. Focus on what you are great on – not on what someone else is rubbish at – it undermines your credibility and professionalism.
  5. Follow up, follow up, follow up! Keep in touch – people don’t often buy on the back of one conversation – so start a relationship and keep in touch.

So don’t be stupid – do the simple stuff that will improve your sales and help you build great, rewarding relationships.


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