What do I need to set up the Product Page on my website? – #AskSharvette #WebDesigner

Hey guys. It’s Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online brand. This segment is Ask Sharvette. I have my great questions that have come in, so let’s see what we’re going to tackle today.

“Hey, Sharvette, I’m working on my online boutique.” And I need to know how to set up my products, what kind of things I need to have in place to get my product page up and running.”

Okay, so that’s a really, really great question. Here’s my recommendation. Number one, you need to have a list of your products. I’ve found out that sometimes when I work with web design customers, they might not know all of the great products that they have.

So have a full list of your products so you know exactly the types of products that you have. Then you want to make sure you have titles for your products, because each product actually does need a title. Even though you might look at it and say, “Red Dress.” Well, maybe “Red Dress” is the title, but you might want to come up with something snazzier.

Each one of your products needs to have a description,  so the person that’s shopping will have an idea of what this product is about. It may include dimensions, it may include materials, it may include the different sizes. You need to have that. Does the product come in a different color, or in different fabrics? You want to have that documented.

And then last but not least, you want to have some wonderful pictures of your products. Now, best-case scenario is that you have a professional photographer take the pictures for you, but if not, if you’re taking your own pictures, at least get in some good lighting with a good camera and take all of your product pictures against the same little backdrop.

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