What do I do if  I need a website but I have no money? Check out this quick podcast ( less than 2.5 minutes) with my answer to this question!

Hi, it’s Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online brand. This is another segment of Ask Sharvette. Let’s see what question came in today. Oh, this is a good one. “Sharvette, what do I do if I have no money, but I do need a website. I need something up, but I just don’t have any money?” Really good question, because there are a lot of people in that predicament, so this is what I recommend. First, let me congratulate you for recognizing that you do need web presence, so pat yourself on the back for that.

This is the first thing that I would do, and I definitely say this for any speaker, consultant, any, a preacher, anyone in that arena…You want to get and set up a free about.me page. Go to about.me, not .com, not .net, but about.me, and it will give you a free web page. The essence of it is your picture, your bio, and your contact information. That will let you establish some presence, because if someone goes to Google you, and they will, they’ll be able to find something about you, and you will control what people are able to see, and to find about you, because you’re establishing web presence. Go get an about.me page, and I would upgrade, and get the custom domain name, so don’t just use the domain name they give you.

Go ahead and upgrade. Like sharvettemitchell.com. You can jump over there, shameless plug to my website, and check out our services, but about.me is where you want to go to start to establish a web presence if you’re not tech savvy, and it’s not in your budget right now to get a full website, at least get an about.me page. Put your bio up, put your good picture up, all your contact information, email, phone, social media, all of that.

So if you want to know more about me, jump over to sharvettemitchell.com, #yourwebdesigner.


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