3 Mistakes MINISTRIES Make When Promoting Online

3 Mistakes MINISTRIES Make When Promoting Online Hi, I’m Sharvette Mitchell with Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching. This video (see below) is about mistakes I see ministries making when it comes to promoting online. Your Members are your marketing team, are you using them? 1. Oftentimes when promoting online, ministries don’t think about their members really as their marketing team. They are your marketers. They are your supporters, so equip them with flyers and online flyers. Equip them with a great website that they can share service times and upcoming events. You want to equip your members so that they can turn around and advertise and market, and promote your ministry. Yes, and all advertising and marketing is sharing good information, sharing information that will draw people to your ministry. Ministries have a lot of great content but are not using it. 2. The second mistake I see is that ministries do […]