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Are you saying… “I need a website for my business or organization” or ” I need a website designed to sell my book or consulting service.”? You are in the right place! Let us build a website or webpage that will connect you to your customers or members. Remember… a website is not a luxury it is a necessity!

Mitchell Productions, LLC designs websites and provides social media coaching that cater to small businesses, ministries, non-profits, authors, coaches, and events. Your website and social media presence are the foundation of your online brand. I would love to chat with you, click here to schedule an appointment.

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Are you confused by Facebook and Twitter? Does Social Media feel overwhelming? Sharvette provides group & individual coaching to solve those problems! Click here…

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Five Common Questions From Web Design Clients

In this video spotlight, Sharvette answers five common questions from potential web design clients and customers.

1) Why do I need a website?

2) What problem does a website solve for my business or organization?

3) Can I use Facebook as my website?

4) How much does a website cost?

5) What should I do before contacting a web designer?

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Our Latest News & Tips
Should you put your PRICES on your website?

Should you put your PRICES on your website? [Video transcript] This is Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions, web design and social media coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online brand. This segment is called Ask Sharvette. All right, so let’s see what we have here. Oh, this is a great question. “Hey Sharvette, should I put prices on my website? I’m getting ready to work on a new website and I’m struggling with deciding if I should put my prices on my website.” Let me give you some guidance with whether you should have prices on your website or not. Okay, so the first thing you want to think about is if you have low priced products. Things like books, things like jewelry, absolutely have the price on your website. Where the customer does not need your intervention, does not need your assistance or your customer service assistance to […]

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Moguls In The Making Conference and Book Signing

Moguls In The Making Conference and Book Signing Do you have a vision, business, or organization, that you want to take to the next level? Do you have several ideas running around in your head, but don’t know how to turn them into a business or where to start? Are you an entrepreneur that would like to make multiple streams of income? Moguls in the Making is the conference for you!!!! Moguls in the Making is a business conference birthed out of the desire to help women execute their visions and dreams. This dynamic collaboration of powerhouse speakers will guarantee you the strategies to move forward in your purpose, no matter who or where you come from. Whether you have multiple businesses or an idea that needs to be executed. THE CONFERENCE WILL ALSO DÉBUT THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED BOOK, “MOGUL IN THE MAKING.” Women are traveling from as far as Tennessee to be apart of […]

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Join me in Dallas for THE EPIC CONFERENCE

Join me in Dallas for THE EPIC CONFERENCE Imagine a business where you have crystal clarity, clients attracted to you and bank deposits that make a difference? Join me, my business coach ( Aprille Franks-Hunt) and hundreds of other purpose driven entrepreneurs looking to gain access to IMPLEMENTABLE STRATEGIES to help grow your business before you even get back on the plane. For all of the juicy details, speakers & travel information for THE EPIC CONFERENCE (March 24 & 25, 2017) : Go to www.epicindallas.com BUY tickets and SAVE with ME (see special link below): Go to www.epicsharvette.info General Tickets save $150 Mastery Bonus Day + 2 Days of EPIC save $200: #EpicAmbassador #EPICCON17

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What do I need to set up the Product Page on my website? – #AskSharvette #WebDesigner

What do I need to set up the Product Page on my website? – #AskSharvette #WebDesigner Hey guys. It’s Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online brand. This segment is Ask Sharvette. I have my great questions that have come in, so let’s see what we’re going to tackle today. “Hey, Sharvette, I’m working on my online boutique.” And I need to know how to set up my products, what kind of things I need to have in place to get my product page up and running.” Okay, so that’s a really, really great question. Here’s my recommendation. Number one, you need to have a list of your products. I’ve found out that sometimes when I work with web design customers, they might not know all of the great products that they have. So have a full list of […]

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