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Are you saying… “I need a website for my business or organization” or ” I need a website designed to sell my book or consulting service.”? You are in the right place! Let us build a website or webpage that will connect you to your customers or members. Remember… a website is not a luxury it is a necessity!

Mitchell Productions, LLC designs websites and provides social media coaching that cater to small businesses, ministries, non-profits, authors, coaches, and events. Your website and social media presence are the foundation of your online brand. I would love to chat with you, click here to schedule an appointment.

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Our web design packages are based on the number of pages & features you need in your website. Sharvette will consult with you to build & create the best solution! Click here…

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Are you confused by Facebook and Twitter? Does Social Media feel overwhelming? Sharvette provides group & individual coaching to solve those problems! Click here…

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Five Common Questions From Web Design Clients

In this video spotlight, Sharvette answers five common questions from potential web design clients and customers.

1) Why do I need a website?

2) What problem does a website solve for my business or organization?

3) Can I use Facebook as my website?

4) How much does a website cost?

5) What should I do before contacting a web designer?

Samples of Recent Web Design Work

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3 Mistakes MINISTRIES Make When Promoting Online

3 Mistakes MINISTRIES Make When Promoting Online Hi, I’m Sharvette Mitchell with Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching. This video (see below) is about mistakes I see ministries making when it comes to promoting online. Your Members are your marketing team, are you using them? 1. Oftentimes when promoting online, ministries don’t think about their members really as their marketing team. They are your marketers. They are your supporters, so equip them with flyers and online flyers. Equip them with a great website that they can share service times and upcoming events. You want to equip your members so that they can turn around and advertise and market, and promote your ministry. Yes, and all advertising and marketing is sharing good information, sharing information that will draw people to your ministry. Ministries have a lot of great content but are not using it. 2. The second mistake I see is that ministries do […]

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Social Media Social media is the most popular marketing tool used by small businesses and new entrepreneurs.  It offers many possibilities for driving traffic to your website or blog so that your business can gain the attention of your target audience, increase your popularity/brand and sell more products & services. Why is Social Media important?  Social media is where real people hang out and it is a large pond where you can “fish” for your ideal clients. How do you do this? Well, you need to attract them to your website. Here are three tips to drive traffic to your website from social media networks. 1) Share your website content on social media sites more than once. First off, after you’ve built up your social media pages/profiles for your business, it’s time to become active. The best way to drive traffic from your social media networks to […]

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Three mistakes authors make
3 Mistakes AUTHORS Make When Promoting Online

3 Mistakes AUTHORS Make When Promoting Online Hi, I’m Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director for Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching where we help YOU build something amazing. This video (see below) deals with “Three mistakes I see authors making when it comes to online promotion.” 1) Start promoting NOW! Authors wait until the last minute to start promoting their book. They wait until the book comes out to start promoting online. Really, as soon as you know you’re going to be writing a book, you need to be out there promoting yourself, building your brand, getting acknowledged as a writer, as an author. You need to be building your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, wherever you hang out online. You need to be finding out where your readers hang out online and connect there. What Facebook groups are they in? What LinkedIn groups are they in? Those are the things that you want […]

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