Mitchell Productions, LLC offers web design services and social media coaching to build your online brand. Let’s build something AMAZING!

Are you saying… “I need a website for my business or organization” or ” I need a website designed to sell my book or consulting service.”? You are in the right place! Let us build a website or webpage that will connect you to your customers or members. Remember… a website is not a luxury it is a necessity!

Mitchell Productions, LLC designs websites and provides social media coaching that cater to small businesses, ministries, non-profits, authors, coaches, and events. Your website and social media presence are the foundation of your online brand. I would love to chat with you, click here to schedule an appointment.

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Our web design packages are based on the number of pages & features you need in your website. Sharvette will consult with you to build & create the best solution! Click here…

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Social Media Coaching

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 Social Media Coaching

Are you confused by Facebook and Twitter? Does Social Media feel overwhelming? Sharvette provides group & individual coaching to solve those problems! Click here…

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Five Common Questions From Web Design Clients

In this video spotlight, Sharvette answers five common questions from potential web design clients and customers.

1) Why do I need a website?

2) What problem does a website solve for my business or organization?

3) Can I use Facebook as my website?

4) How much does a website cost?

5) What should I do before contacting a web designer?

Our Latest News & Tips
Shot List: 30 Ideas for the Perfect Photo Shoot

Shot List: 30 Ideas for the Perfect Photo Shoot How can you use body language in your photographs? Whether you are a photographer setting up a shoot for a client, or an author, blogger or business owner who needs some professional photos, you need to have a photo shot list that meets your needs. Photographs need to capture the nonverbal brand of the client. Nonverbal Brand: How we portray our mission and message beyond words—through photos, videos, colors, font and style. Photographs make up a huge component of the nonverbal brand because a picture is worth a thousand words. Before you go into your next shoot think about what you want your nonverbal brand to portray. I like to find three words that embody my mission. This will help you get the right tone for your shots. Here is How Photographers Can Use Body Language: Prepare the perfect photo shot list for your shoot. Here […]

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Using Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Game in 2017

Using Psychology to Improve Your Digital Marketing Game in 2017 In many ways, digital marketers need to be excellent psychologists. Understanding what makes people tick—what they need or desire, how they’re convinced of what they need or desire, and how to make them think that you can provide them with what they need or desire—is the key to successful marketing. Conversion rates only increase when consumers feel like you know them. Since only 22% of businesses were happy with their conversion rates in 2016, there’s clearly some work to be done in this area. If you’re among the 78% of businesses that would like to see better conversion rates this year, then here is some advice as to the kinds of strategies you should prioritize, and supported with evidence from psychology. Produce More Content Webinars and blogs which host on in-depth and authoritative discussions regarding topics relevant to your products will help build trust in your consumers. […]

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How do I get testimonials for my website?

[Video transcript below!] Hey guys, it’s Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director from Mitchell Productions Web design and social media coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online branding! This section is called “ask Sharvette”, so let’s see what we have here. Oh, this is a really great question. “Sharvette, I’m working on my website and I want testimonials. How do I go about getting testimonials for my website?” That’s great. Number one, let me pat you on the back that you recognize that testimonials are really great social proof. This is evidence that your products and services are hitting the mark. Here’s a couple of ideas that you can use and leverage to go about getting testimonials for your website. Number one, you can just ask. Go to those customers and ask them…. “Hey, would you mind just texting me, sending me an email, typing, writing out a few sentences of your engagement […]

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