How do I get testimonials for my website?

[Video transcript below!] Hey guys, it’s Sharvette Mitchell, Creative Director from Mitchell Productions Web design and social media coaching, where we help you build something amazing with your online branding! This section is called “ask Sharvette”, so let’s see what we have here. Oh, this is a really great question. “Sharvette, I’m working on my website and I want testimonials. How do I go about getting testimonials for my website?” That’s great. Number one, let me pat you on the back that you recognize that testimonials are really great social proof. This is evidence that your products and services are hitting the mark. Here’s a couple of ideas that you can use and leverage to go about getting testimonials for your website. Number one, you can just ask. Go to those customers and ask them…. “Hey, would you mind just texting me, sending me an email, typing, writing out a few sentences of your engagement […]