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Hello, hello, hello everyone. Welcome. Hey! This is Sharvette Mitchell, and I am so excited that you are jumping on for this quick Facebook Live. Yes, yes, yes, this is all about product. So if you have a product, I have four marketing tips for you that I am going to share. Hey Tara, thank you so much for joining us. This is all about physical, actual products. So welcome. Hello, hello, hello.

If you are new to me, I want to thank you as well for joining me here. I’m Sharvette Mitchell. I provide web design services and Facebook coaching for female entrepreneurs so that they can generate revenue with an amazing online brand. So we’re glad to have you here joining us. Hey, Erica Lynn. Thank you so much for popping on and joining us.

So, I had the opportunity to meet a young lady and her name is Jean. She is the owner of Creative Events Solutions. Creative Events Solutions. She is the one that’s kind of spawning this conversation. So she does event planning. She creates candy, cakes, cakes made out of candy, and floral arrangements and a whole bunch of stuff. We were having a conversation because she was wondering how she can improve her marketing and what are things that she could do.

I just started boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, rattling off things that she could do. I captured a few of my notes, I said, “You know what? Let me share these tips with my Facebook crew. My Facebook squad.” So grab something to write with and grab a pen, and let’s jump in. Welcome and thank you again for those that are coming on in. I know that Facebook is building my audience. Also for those that will catch this in the replay, you’re just as important as those that are watching with us live.

All right, so tip number one. Tip number one, if you have product, sometimes it’s just about people seeing what you have because it will sell itself. So some of you with your products, you just need to be more visible, okay? You just need to be more visible with your products. Let me give you the example of Jean.

We were at a networking function and when we started talking about what she does and what she has, she said, “Let me run out to the car and grab some of the arrangements that I created just so you can have a sense of what kind of products I create.”

She goes out to the car, she brings in three different products. While we’re talking about different options for her marketing, somebody says, “How much is that? How much is that arrangement right there?” She literally sold the arrangement while we’re sitting there talking about marketing. Why? Because somebody new had the opportunity just to see it. She wasn’t even selling it. She didn’t have a vendor table. She just brought it in so that I could see it, and somebody else saw it and they bought it. They wrote her a check for it right then, okay? That’s the number one tip is to increase visibility. Take pictures all of the time.

Of course you’re not live somewhere with all of your product with you, but that’s why you can use Facebook and social media to take pictures and always display pictures of your products on your Facebook page. It’s your personal page and your business page, all right? Sometimes people just need to see what you have. Take some pictures and let them see it.

You all ready for number two? We’re moving on to number two. Okay. The second thing is showcase and show the variety of products that you have or the colors they come in or the variations they come in, because one color and one variation may peak the interest of one person that doesn’t peak the interest of another person.

For instance, in this case, again, when I’m sitting there talking with Jean, she had one thing that had a red glass and one that had a purple glass and another color. So the red grabbed someone’s attention. The other color grabbed somebody else’s attention. Make sure that you have and you display and you take pictures and you let people know the variety of what you have so it’s not just good enough to just have one good picture and then say, “Well, I can do that in these colors and I can do that with these different options.” Take pictures of the options, even create just some samples so that you’ll have pictures and that’ll help you sell more.

Again, for those of you that have a physical product. You have an actual product. Hey, welcome to those that are coming in. There may be a slight delay on me seeing any comments you have. I am live streaming from my laptop. I’m not on my phone so I am just looking at Facebook Live from over here, so if you see me do this, I’m looking at your comments. I’m looking for comments on my laptop.

All right, so that was number two. Take pictures. Hey, hey, Winter, thank you for joining us. Hey Dana, thanks for joining us.

All right, so let’s recap for some new people that are joining. Number one, if you have a product, I mean an actual physical product, I’m giving you four tips for marketing that product based off a conversation I had with a young lady named Jean, and she owns Creative Events Solutions. She wanted some help with her marketing because she creates centerpieces and a whole bunch of other stuff. So I decided to share the information with you guys as well.

Okay, number one we said people just need to see your products. Sometimes just seeing it is enough because it’ll sell it, so get more visible. Take pictures, post it on all of your social media consistently all the time about the products that you have available.

Number two, we said show variety. So red may peak someone’s attention. Hey, Christa Lee. Hey, Rashan. Pink may peak somebody else’s, green may peak somebody else’s, so show the variety. Have the variety available, at least by pictures if you’re live somewhere, certainly vending you want to have a variety. But even online sometimes people will just post one picture and then they’ll put in the comments, “But I can do this in red or I have it in pink, blue and purple.” Go ahead and show the pink, blue and purple because sometimes that’ll peak someone’s interest, all right?

You all ready for number three? All right, let’s go to number three. Number three is about Facebook Live and also taking pictures. What I recommended to this young lady is that you’ve got to get on Facebook Live. Now this is what I told her to do on Facebook Live. I told her to do some behind-the-scenes because she started showing me pictures of her warehouse where she has all the materials she keeps from when she creates and creates an event and comes and decorates.

Well, she has this massive collection, so me, someone looking for maybe an event planner, that would peak my interest because that would look to me like, “Wow, there’s so many options she can create.” She had white canisters and black iron wrought and glass and chandeliers. She had all of this stuff in her warehouse. I said, “You need to get on Facebook Live and go through your warehouses. She had more than one, and show people. Take them around the behind-the-scenes before you create this masterpiece, but show them your inventory and show them what you have.

Hey, Rashan, hey girl, hey, welcome to all of my community members from #coachingwithvette that are joining us. If you’re in the community, just type in “Hey girl hey”. That’s our secret code. Welcome, glad to have you.

Show behind the scenes, so if it’s shipping, if it’s packaging. If you got a bunch of boxes in, if you’re creating whatever, show the behind-the-scenes, tell the story of your brand. I talk about that in the Facebook Academy. Yes, Erica Lynn says, “That’s what I tell my friends. Exactly.” Hey, Valerie, thank you for joining us.

Tell the story of your brand. That’s what you’re doing. That’s what you want to do is tell the story. I told her to jump on Facebook Live and I told her to show the behind-the-scenes, show her warehouse, even show a little bit of her doing creations, okay? So bring people along.

Hey, Love. Hey, hey, welcome. Hey Julie, thanks for joining in. For those that are coming in, I’m talking about those that have products and I’m giving four tips for marketing and increasing and getting some more revenue specifically around your products. You have physical actual products, all right? This all spun off of a conversation I had with a young lady named Jean who just wanted to talk to me about how she could increase her marketing. Oh, that’s upside down. Creative Events Solutions, she does a bunch of stuff, so this all spun from that.

Okay, so the fourth tip, the fourth tip, the fourth tip I want to put in is about product demo. Product demonstrations. If you have a product that you want to demonstrate the usage of the product, if you want to showcase the uses. Let me give you an example. I was at Chesterfield Town Center two Saturdays ago, okay? Thank you, thank you Julie, I try, I try.

I went to MAC, those of you that are familiar with MAC Cosmetics, there’s one lip gloss, lip glass that I like and it’s called Oh Baby. I went to get this lip glass called Oh Baby, okay? When I went in, the young lady that was there, there were a couple people there, one of the young ladies had on this dynamic fabulous lipstick. I said, “What are you wearing?” She said, “Oh, this is Breathing Fire.” She had on this beautiful lipstick. I said, “Well I want some of that. Put that in the bag too.”

Product demonstration. She was wearing the product. They didn’t have to have a sale sign up. She didn’t have to upsell me on it. Her simply having the product on, I demanded the product and bought the product and then ended up buying something else I wasn’t even looking at. I said, “Well let me get something else.” You know, we got to keep beautiful, beautiful over here, so I got something else.

What’s my point? Demonstrate your product. If you have jewelry, wear your jewelry, or get on Facebook Live and show people how to wear it. If you have anything that’s wearable, you need to be wearing it. If you have something like, in this case she does flower arrangements, centerpieces, get on Facebook Live and show demonstrations.

This young lady also wants to show people how to do the DIY thing because a lot of brides want to do some things on their own and they don’t necessarily want to hire a full event planner. I said, “You can showcase your expertise on Facebook Live by jumping on and doing a demo of how you might train a DIY class and that’ll help you with your brand.”

All right, so those are my four tips there for marketing your products. Some of that, most of that is all online Facebook but a lot of that applies to those of you that are vending and out in public. But listen, I want to let you know, my academy, I have an academy for Facebook for entrepreneurs and it’s already started but you are right in time. You are right on time, is where you can go. Week one loaded last week. Week two content loaded today.

Then tomorrow we have our very first, our very first Live Q&A Session, group coaching session. So you’re on time. You can jump in. You get lifetime access to the video content and there are a total of two sessions with me where you can ask any and all of your questions specifically about your Facebook and about your marketing.

So is where you can go and sign up, and you can still slide in and you’re right in on time. 10:00 tomorrow we have our Live Q&A Session with all of those that are in the academy.

All right, thank you. Elmira typed in the comments. Thank you. Hey girl, hey. Thank you, Erica Lynn. She said good stuff. All right. So I’m going to jump off. It was really quick. I hope you guys have an amazing weekend. Again, You still have time to slide in and see all of the information there when you jump over there, and I want to see some amazing marketing from you guys. All right, I will talk to you later. Bye.

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