3 Mistakes Speakers Make When Promoting Online

Hi, it’s Sharvette Mitchell with Mitchell Productions Web Design and Social Media Coaching where we help you build something amazing! In this video (see down below) I discuss, “The mistakes I see speakers making.”

One – No video footage…

Okay, so mistake number one that I see for those that are speakers or wanting to be aspiring speakers is that they don’t have any video footage of them actually speaking. That, I think, is a mistake.

Whenever you can, the next time that you speak, make sure you specifically have somebody use an iPad or use an iPhone and get a good video shot of you actually speaking. It’s going to help you get additional speaking gigs. It’s content you can put on your website, it’s content you can put on your blog and you absolutely want to put it in YouTube because you can get found for a future speaking gig if you have some video footage of speaking that you’ve already done. Alright, so that’s the first thing.

Two- Nobody knows you are a speaker!

The second thing that I see that is a mistake for speakers in particular around promoting online is that people don’t know that you speak. There’s no indication on your Facebook page, there’s no indication on your Twitter profile that you are actually a speaker and then there’s no indication around what you can speak about. If you are a speaker, you want to make it known that you are a speaker, you are available for speaking engagements and, “Here are the top three things I can speak about.” That information should be on your website, on your blog and sprinkled throughout your your social media sites.

Three – Create your own opportunities.

Third and the last mistake that I see for speakers that are promoting in particular online is that if they haven’t had any speaking engagements recently or ever, they sit and fold their hands and say, “No one’s calling me to speak. I’m a speaker but I’m not getting engagements.” They don’t do anything and that’s a mistake. With the technology that’s available, if you’re not getting called or asked to speak, create your own opportunities. Do your own teleseminar! Do your own video webinar! Get on Periscope and host a series that will be related to your speaking topic.

By doing nothing, you’re not really helping the situation of you getting more speaking engagements. So there are things that you can do online such as teleseminars, webinars, Periscope Live, Facebook Live and etc. that will demonstrate that you can speak and that you are capable of speaking. Don’t just sit and do nothing. The ball is in your court.

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